Make The World Safer, By Making Security Easier.

Espia Limited is a global security solution provider based in England, United Kingdom.

CCTV Solutions

We provide professional service from initial consultation through to implementation of purpose-designed CCTV system and beyond.

Vehicle Tracking System

We provide complete Solution for real time Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management for individuals and industries across various verticals.

Access Control System

Our Access Control System goes beyond traditional access control, enforcing business policy, allowing you to manage multiple clearances.

Home Solutions

We provide state-of-the-art intelligent Home Solutions for your home or business, available for every income level and lifestyle.

Espia Limited

Espia Limited is a global security solution provider based in England, United Kingdom.

With the world’s demand for security services increasing and new technologies changing the face of security and surveillance – we initiated a corporate-wide transformation that shifted our focus to security solution provider dedicated to developing practical security solutions for small and medium-sized system integrator and installers.

At Espia, we strongly believe that small and medium-sized system security projects should have access to the same advanced technology benefits found in large-scale security projects. Today, Espia solutions feature the advanced integration of hardware and software, and intuitive, easy-to-use products, all supported by a friendly, efficient and responsive Espia service team.

At Espia, our vision is to ‘Make The World Safer, By Making Security Easier’.

Our Vision: In the near-term, our goal is to be world’s leading provider of security solutions for system integrator which perform small and medium security installations, plus the number one supplier of such solutions to the global market. In the longer-term, we envision being a worldwide, top-three security solution provider to system integrator and installers that perform small to medium security and surveillance installations.

Our Mission: Our mission is to benefit people through the continuous advancement of solutions that provide security.

We promise our customers good products backed by good people. We take pride in committing to the needs and demands of our clients. To this end we actively seek to understand our clients needs; to supply products of superior quality with an ease-of-use not found with our competitors’ offering, and to provide the best possible service. Everything we do is done with the spirit of benefiting others, no matter whether others are our customers, our customer’s customers, our coworkers or ourselves.


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Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach enables us to earn the trust of our clients and build long term relationships.

Skilled & Professional Team

Espia has built up the most talented, skilled and experienced staff in the industry.

Latest Technology Solutions

Espia provides a wide-range of products, services and solutions by a qualified team of experts.

Commitment to Deliver

Espia views the relationship with its clients as solid long-term partnerships with common goals.

Quality Management

Espia has a good Quality Management System to ensure that we deliver the highest quality solutions.

24/7 Technical Support

Espia offers a unique 24/7 Technical Support for its clients to ensure the continuity of their businesses.

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